Golf store needs a web server or a computerized data center to take care batch total. Within this system, we need to build at least two comprehensive categories. One deals with food & beverage, (since we purchase food from golf club) while the other one documents transactions of sales of merchandizes, etc. (purchase from vendor).As long as the membership card is charged, the relevant accounts will be updated automatically. At the same time, the corresponding batch is available too. In order to verify the amount, in accounts receivable, a clerk enters the batch into the computer by keying the batch total, the customer number, the invoice number, the amount paid, and the transaction receipt number. After reconcile the amount of all the sales receipt and the batch total from computer system, the computer updates the accounts receivable master data. If there are any discrepancies, the clerk is notified.

After that, the system will send the batch total with detailed information to golf club accounts payable system. After accounts payable department in golf club verifies the batch total, a check will be printed automatically.

Then accounts receivable clerk in golf store enters the check number and amount into system, accounts receivable accounts updated. With the right amount, the computer prints a deposit slip in duplicate on the printer in the cashier’s office. The cashier compares the deposit slip to the corresponding batch of checks and then takes the deposit to the bank. Or transfers parts of the money to accounts payable clerk to pay for all the goods we ‘ve purchased from golf store and vendor. A summary of customer accounts paid that day is also printed at this time. The accounts receivable clerk compares these reports to the remittance advices and batch totals and sends the total of the case receipts to the general ledger office.